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Over 350 successful designs

to keep you growing

Our high-end Paint & Sip designs will set you apart from all other studios.

Choose your perfect plan

Beautiful art is what makes every sip and paint business thrive! Whether you’re a single instructor or own multiple studios, we have a subscription plan to fit your budget.

Art Rave A La Carte

Introduction to Art Rave designs.
2 Credit for single use
Access to the design gallery
Access to the techniques video library
   Access to Early Release Designs
   Licensing Territory Protection
   Limited Time:Virtual/Online Usage

Why use Art Rave designs in your studio?

Beautiful artwork brings them in the door, great instruction keeps them coming back.


Designed by Professionals

With 8 years in the business we know how make make your customers say “I want to paint that!

100% Tested & Approved

All of our designs are 100% tested for success and approved before live audiences.

Access to a video technique library

We have developed specific techniques and tricks over the years to get professional results from beginner painters! We share these secrets with you in our video library.

Website-ready images & instructions

All designs come with a high-res, licensed watermark design, a materials cut-sheet and either step-by-step instructions or a walk-through video!

Beyond just the paintbrush

We use some fun, everyday items to create awesome painting techniques and outcomes.

Need help? Just ask!

Connect with other artists and businesses who are using the same designs as you in our community Facebook group. Contact us directly with any questions or technical support!

Success Stories From Other Studios!

I was seriously considering closing my doors, and I heard about Michele and Art Rave from another studio owner. The first month with her designs I had the best month since my business first opened!!

The Art Rave Advantage

Great art makes the difference! Learn what makes Art Rave designs bring in more business.

Professionally designed art

Michele Muzones brings her 18 years as a professional illustrator to every painting. Having designed for the collectibles market she has a keen sense for what is popular and what people love! She combines popular subject matters with an original style and on-trend colors for totally unique, irresistible artwork.

Quality Instructions

If you can’t reproduce a painting successfully, then how will your audience? Our video instructions, written step-by-step guide and support materials provide everything you need to paint and instruct better classes!

Exclusive Licensing in your studio’s territory

Premium Subscribers are given territory exclusivity. This means, if another studio applies to license in your competitive area, we will not grant them a license.

(“Competitive Area” determined by individual studio location and population density.)

Customer Loyality

At Art Rave, 80% of our business is repeat customers, and those repeat customers bring in new customers. Give them a quality product and a quality experience and they’ll come back, again and again. Loyal customers are the lifeline of your business!

Proven Designs

We stand behind our designs by standing in front of the easel! In other words, we are instructors AND designers. By teaching the same classes we are designing for, we’re designing better! Staying in touch with how live audiences paint, make for more successful results.

Save Time and Money

Creating new art takes time, and paying someone to do it takes money. And what if the design is not successful? That’s time and money wasted. Get great designs on your calendar quickly, watch your classes fill up, and get back to what you do best: growing your business!