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Stand out from the crowd and be the company who offers a unique painting experience.

Creating Beautiful Designs That Sell Out Your Events

With thousands of Paint & Sip businesses nationwide let us create the designs while you run the business.

Imagine all that you could accomplish if your event designs were completed for you!

Art Rave Studios has hundreds of original designs for any occasion all year long. We take pride in knowing that every design has been painted with a spark of inspiration and 100% originality.

Proven through hundreds (thousands?) of licensed sales to Paint & Sip owners nationwide, we know that our paintings sell and will keep your painters coming back for more.

Don’t take our word for it, check out reviews from some of our Paint & Sip owners.

Licensing Terms & Conditions

We support Brick-and-Mortar or Mobile artists!

Report Misuse

License our Studio Builder subscription and we’ll honor your territory.

Contact Support

Do you have more than one location or any additional questions about licensing? Reach out to us!

Where can you use our designs?

Use your designs for in-studo or mobile events.

For Use In-Studio

If you have a brick-and-mortar or mobile studio you’ll be able to host an unlimited number of parties, classes & events using our designs while you are an active subscriber.

We protect your territory with exclusive rights.

Due to the current circumstances, you may temporarily use our designs for BOTH in-person and virtual events. 

Search by town and city to determine if there are any active “Art Rave subscribers” near you. Active subscribers have an advantage and they are awarded first-come territory rights. So if you are also looking to become a monthly subscriber you must be 10 miles away from another active subscriber.

      Most common questions about licensing & using our designs

      Still have a few questions? Find answers to the most commonly asked questions below.

      Can I move between any of the subscription levels once I sign up?

      You can upgrade from our startup plan at any time and you may switch between monthly to annual billing at any time.

      I am a mobile studio and travel far in all directions. Can I protect my territory?

      If you’ve created a wide territory for yourself and would like to have exclusive licensing in any of the areas you cover you would need to purchase a Studio Builder license in that area. We suggest controlling your license coverage based on the address of your most dominant venue.

      Do subscription credits roll over each month?

      – No, subscription credits can only be used within that month, or within the year if you are on annual billing. Any unused subscriptions are lost.

      How long can I use a painting once its licensed?

      As long as you are a subscriber you can continue to use the paintings you have licensed in your account.

      How many times can I use a design?

      – While you are subscribed to Studio Start Up and Studio Builder, you can use any of the licensed designs as many times as you want. There is no limit on the number of times you can use them for public events, classes and parties. For Art Rave Studio A la Carte, you are allowed a onetime use only.

      I’ve been a subscriber for several months, but I am seasonal. Can I park my account or let it lapse?

      Once you are no longer an active subscriber you loose access to the designs you have licensed and can no longer promote, advertise or teach using Art Rave Studio designs.

      I want to license but I see someone is already licensed in the area. Can I still subscribe?

      – It depends! We have territory protection to help studios promote value to their brand while using our designs. It allows them to be unique in their busy area.

      If you are in a city with a population over 250,000 contact us and we’ll see what we can work out.

      Don’t copy – license it!

      Protecting our investment and yours.  All designs are DMCA tracked and verified.

      We are here protecting our investment and yours!
      All of our designs are licensed under the Art Rave Studios name. Can we find people who ‘creatively lift’ our designs? You bet! We protect them all through a strong DMCA takedown process

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