Studio Startup: Monthly Subscription ($129)

$99 / month

Grow your business monthly with access to a steady stream of our best artwork. Fill your calendar and fill your seats! You’ll get 12 credits each month to use in the Art Rave Studio Design Shop.

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Your Monthly Startup Subscription Includes

  • 12 Credits Each Month
  • Access to the techniques video library
  • Access to our private Facebook Group

It does not include

  • Access to early release designs
  • Licensing Territory Protection*
  • Local Virtual/Online Usage!**

Your 12 credits license designs that are stored forever in your Member Dashboard and Design Library for as long as your are an active subscriber.

This is a great way to get started immediately at the best value.  You’ll get a full 12 credits to use each month to select designs from our design gallery for use with your classes and events.  Each month your subscription renews with an additional 12 credits to be applied for the month.   Credits do not roll over.  You can also upgrade to a Studio Builder license at anytime to keep all of your existing licensed designs.

*Territory protection allows studios to have exclusive licensing of our design with in a reasonable radius around your studio or mobile place of business.  Studio Builder license holders have territory protection.  See our full licensing terms to fully understand your exclusivity.

**When you are a Startup License you cannot use our designs for virtual or online classes and events (ie: Zoom, Facebook, etc).  This feature is exclusive to Studio Builder license holders for their territory.  See our full licensing terms to fully understand these conditions.